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Google voice numbers online in Vietnam is a communication platform that permits one to call and send a text message either locally or internationally free of charge. Conversely, because the Google Voice service is available in the US, people from different regions are limited from using this service.

Do you want to familiarize yourself with how to use Google voice number?  Fortunately, we have discussed for you in detail about Google voice number accounts. Make sure you go through the entire article to obtain more knowledge about Google voice numbers.

How do I pay for international calls with Google Voice?

Although most voice calls to Canada and the US are without charge, other places in the US and Canada charge cent in USD for every minute of calling. Nevertheless, you will be charged for international calls if you have a US number and make a call while visiting a friend in another region or country.

Further, if you make calls to other countries outside the US, you will have to pay for Google voice calls depending on the rates listed. As a result, they need to purchase credit from Google voice for one to make paid calls.

Likewise, you may face long-distance charges if your area code is not the same as the number’s area code. In case you want to buy Google voice for international calls, you must familiarize yourself first with the cost of making a call. After, you need to follow the following steps to pay for international calls with Google voice.


  1. Visit
  2. After click settings at the top right
  3. Next, on the left side, go payments and click
  4. After the recent balance, choose to add credit
  5. Then select an amount you want to add to your credit and click add credit
  6. Afterwards, select the method you want to use to pay and click buy. When you buy, you will get an email that confirms that you have purchased the credit.
  7. You may opt to automatically recharge your credit by 10, 20,100 USD when it has a balance of 2 USD. Also, it is wise to choose email notification whenever the credit balance is low.

How do I get a Google Voice number outside the US?

Are you wondering how you can obtain a Google voice number outside the US? If yes, you need not worry. Setting up of Google voice number outside the US is very easy and is not time-consuming. You can opt to use a US phone number or VPN to set a US IP address.

Besides, you need to follow the following steps to help you get a Google voice number outside the US.

Step 1. Obtain a US number for yourself by;

  • Sign-up for a free account with com, then click continue. After you will receive a mail asking you to verify the email address used.
  • Next, you need to give details of the city you live in and your country’s code. After, you need to click to agree to the terms and conditions and click to sign up.
  • After signing up to the website, go to “My CallCentric,” then you will be able to see the list of CallCentric#, copy the number to the clipboard in the format of 1777**
  • Next, you need to open a new tap on the browser and visit to set up the account as SIP, and then paste your CallCentric# to doing this where it is written SIP username. After doing this, select email address and passwords, the same as those you used earlier while setting up your CallCentric account. You need to choose a default area code for a local US phone number such as; 253, 425.
  • After some minutes, will email you the new local phone number.


Step 2.After following the above guidelines to obtain the US number, you need to download and launch an express talk soft phone.

Step 3.  You need to activate the US phone number

Step4.  Using your web browser, open

Step 5. After this, you will receive a message alert from the website stating that the service is now available to you.

Step 6. Get yourself a PureVPN, login, and then connect to a US server location. After refreshing the page

Step 6. Type the US area code and select the Google Voice Number that you like. After, enter the US phone number.

Step7. Click on the icon “Call Me Now” and allow the service to make a call to your number. You need to receive the call on your express talk software.

Step 8. You need to verify your phone number by entering a confirmation code using a dial pad.

Can you buy a Google Voice number?

Owning a Google voice number is essential for you since you can receive and make calls from all phones with it. You can also use a free phone number to make calls, voicemails, and messages without difficulty. Furthermore, you will use the number to do any business communications and obtain 100% customer service assistance.

Purchasing a Google voice number is possible. This is because there are many available verified Google voice numbers for sale that have been created manually. Each of the account numbers posses unique IPs. More so, all the account profiles are complete with all the necessary information and pictures.

Besides, after buying the number, you will obtain customer satisfaction, that is 100%, and get the most excellent service. Also, you are guaranteed to get the best free mail service.

Where can I buy Google Voice?

Are you confused about where to buy the Google voice? If yes, we got you covered. You can purchase the Google voice from or @ and get the following benefits; 24hours support as a customer, customer satisfaction, speedy delivery, and created accounts real IP, excellent quality accounts, substitute guarantees, cheap online rates.

Additionally, you can opt to buy the Google voice from Woorke Services / The Google voice from this site comes with full privacy, cheap rates, active and real service, superior quality service, and safety. Also, with it, you do not need to log in to use

Is it a good idea to buy Google Voice accounts?

Yes, buying a Google voice account is a good idea because it comes with many benefits, as shown below.

  • Enables you to call internationally without having to own a Google voice application.
  • Permits you to call free of charge over any internet connection like Wi-Fi.
  • Allow you to send many texts and messages all over the world.
  • It comes with a Google speech numeral to enable you to have more than one phone without carrying all the phones.
  • Permits you to make Free Google Voice for Business.
  • Enables you to obtain a Free Google Phone Number.
  • Facilitate you to make free voice call records and downloads.
  • Permits you to make voice calls transcription, for example, phone calls or text.
  • You can use the old number for any device without creating a new account after changing the device.
  • Enables you to forward calls to many numbers; therefore a good platform for making discussions
  • Permits blocking of spam calls
  • Enables you to make the call directly from Gmail with Google voice accounts
  • It comes with a conference call feature

Final Word

Providently, Google’s voice number account is ideal for you because of the many features and benefits that we have discussed for you above. As a result, you need to familiarize yourself with all the details and information that we have discussed and buy a Google voice number account for yourself.


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